Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mr. Blackwell and Dr. Hyde

A Hollywood horror story

During the day time Dr. Hyde, the plastic surgeon, was the nicest of people. He did whatever his celebrated patients asked him to do, be it a nose job, breast enhancement, or liposuction..
But as soon as the sun set on Sunset Boulevard, the day turned into night, and he came back to his home in Beverly Hills and took off his coat, he was transformed into his other self and became the horrible Mr. Blackwell. Wearing dark clothes he was stalking celebrities all over the town in order to find out what they were wearing. All of Hollywood was scared to death of him and his uncompromising judgment, wondering what will his verdict be this year. Every starlet from soap opera substitues to Angelina Jolie were asking their mirrors
"Mirror, Mirror on the wall will I be the best dressed of them all?"
Only few, however, were fortunate enough to win that craved title.
A much more cruel fate awaited those who were judged to be the worst dressed. Those unfortunate celebrities, who were also known as Les Miserables, could not show their faces in public and were shunned by everyone in town. Some of them even took the desperate step of moving to the Valley where they hoped they would not be recognized. However, thanks to the Paparazzi, they did not succeed to hide for more than a few hours before they were spotted, and then had to face the unforgiving camera.
The situation became intolerable. Actresses were afraid to leave their producers' homes at night for fear that they will be seen and reported by the horrible Mr. Blackwell, and instead chose to stay there all night long. This resulted in a flood of divorces which became so bad that the Enquirer was forced to issue a special supplement listing the daily filings for divorce. It was only then that the police decided to catch the culprit. A special investigation team was assembled and ambushes were set all over Beverly Hills to catch the horrible Mr. Blackwell in action. However, Mr. Blackwell proved to be very shrewd, even shrewder than the detectives of the special team, and after years of failures the team was finally retired.
Only then, after making sure that the area was clear, did Mr. Blackwell decide to come out of the closet where he was hiding and reveal his true identity to the entire world.

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