Monday, March 30, 2009

10 Embarrassing Questions

Sometimes people innocently ask questions which are embarrassing and may spoil the atmosphere and damage relations. These incidents can be very destructive, and this is why we took upon ourselves to educate the public by presenting examples of such questions which, needless to say, should be avoided at any cost.
1. Who did your nose job?
2. How long are you planning to stay with us?
3. When are you going to pay your rent?
4. Did you just fart, dear?
5. How much did this hairpiece cost you?
6. Do you still live with your Mom?
7. Why did (s)he divorce you?
8. Are you still with Bill Clinton?
9. How much alimony are you collecting?
10. Is this your granddaughter?
Other examples are welcome - include them in your comments.

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