Sunday, May 24, 2009

Jim and the Police

My buddy Jim got a new car and invited me to join him for a ride. We were going along I-10 when suddenly we heard a siren behind us. It was a police car signaling us to stop. Jim stopped and the police car stopped right behind us. After checking Jim's driver's license and registration the policeman asked Jim
"Sir, do you know how fast you were going?"
"No," said Jim "I don't."
"Good," the cop smiled "so that means I can write anything I want on the ticket, right?"
Jim was not amused at all. When we finally arrived home with the ticket he was mad as hell.
"Those smart asses think they're funny but I'll show them, you'll see," he said.
A week later Jim called me and invited me to go with him to Phoenix and I accepted. We were not very far from Phoenix when again we heard a siren behind us. Jim stopped the car and told me
"Now you'll see what I'm going to do to them."
In the meantime the cop got off his car, approached us and told Jim"Good morning, sir. Can I have your driver's license please?"
"I don't have any," said Jim
"Ok," said the cop "can I have your registration papers please?"
"I don't have them either," Jim replied.
"What do you have in the trunk?" asked the cop.
"Drugs," said Jim.
"Hold on for just a minute," the cop said and then went back to his car, called his chief and told him what happened.
At this point I began to worry and wondered what Jim had in mind, but I didn't say anything.
The chief showed up five minutes later and went directly to Jim with the cop right behind him.
"Can I have your driver's license please?" he asked Jim.
"Sure," said Jim and handed him his driver's license.
"Can I have your registration?" the Chief asked Jim.
"Of course," said Jim and gave him the registration papers.
"Please open your trunk," the chief asked, and Jim complied.
The chief inspected the trunk and did not find anything. He then turned to the cop and told him
"You told me that he doesn't have a driver's license, and yet he's got one, you told me that he doesn't have registration and here is his registration, you told me that he has drugs in the trunk but the trunk is clean."
At this point Jim broke into the conversation and told the chief "Now he's going to tell you that I was speeding."

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